book in an hour workshop

book in an hour workshop
book in an hour workshop

Education work

I have been a professional artist and educator for over 25 years. During that time I have had a very wide range of creative experiences which have enabled me to develop a number of specific talks.
These include
What is a book?
The book as a tool for creativity
Developing a visual language
The context for understanding
Recognising finishedness
Professional practice today
I also have a number of presentations which look at different elements of my own practice.

Schools workshops
I have experience of working in a wide range of schools with from ‘rising fives’ to 6th forms including inset training. The individual workshops and residences are tailored to the needs of the school and the specifics of the project.
The work has focused on the book and all elements associated with the format - the generation of text and images, printing and design of books and collaborations between art forms within and across school departments.
I have developed a number of successful workshops which explore a range of processes within a creative framework enabling a book to be made in a day, either individually or as a group.
The work generally looks at the book as a starting point for creativity, ownership and imagination whilst exploring the possibility of time, narrative and sequence.

ResidenciesThe residency is where an extended time is spent in a specific place and the focus for the activity is the creative process. This is something I have extensive experience of. The range of locations is extensive and includes Lincoln Household Waste Disposal Site, Morton Hall Prison in Lincolnshire, Camden Arts Centre in London, Alnwick Festival and St James Centre for Creativity in Valletta, Malta.

Commissions which include working with the public
I have been invited to develop a number of site specific interventions. This often includes working with members of the public in a range of situations. These include generating ideas, mediating, consulting and acting as a conduit between the commissioner and the community. I have created work in a range of materials; these are chosen dependant on the individual needs of the specific brief and include an image printed on vinyl 75m x 10m and two miles of string but I also have a close working partnership with the stone masons Perfitts of Diss when developing more permanent pieces.
Recent examples include:
bench for LeistonWorking with Suffolk Coastal District Council on the creation of an ‘art bench’ for the town of Leiston. The project involved working with all of year 8 pupils from Leiston Middle School, creating drawings at The Long shop Museum that were developed into designs which were then sandblasted into recycled stone blocks and sited in the main square.
‘Home Zone’, Suffolk County Council Environment and Planning Department.Redesign of two new streets in Lowestoft within the context of the national 'homezone' design criteria with the residents of those streets, the business's, local and national services. This was a 3-year project and also included in the last year the generation of a creative team to build a new kind of manual for the residents to understand their new street which resulted in many digital interventions, a bookwork, CD ROM, web site and conference.
Marriott’s Way, cycle path, Norfolk County Council Planning and Transport Department.Working over 21 miles in liaison with 12 Parish Council, Norwich City Council, Norfolk County Council on the development of an artistic vision for the path. The work over a 3-year period included numerous consultation situations, developing the signage, the creation of a number of sculptural text interventions, the interpretative material, working with the Poet Esther Morgan on a YOTA project and the design of a bridge.
A piece for the Hythe area of Colchester which celebrates the stories of the people who used to work, live and play in the area before its redevelopment. The two piece artwork sits either side of a path and the continuous text is derived from reminiscence work with past residents of the area and workers from the laundry. The shapes are derived from the distinctive laundry building roof that was on the site. Supported by Barratt’s and delivered by Colchester Borough Council.

Work in Universities and art colleges.I have worked in a number of formal educational spaces in a range of roles including workshop leader, invited artist, visiting tutor and lecturer. The activity has included presenting a lecture to a whole college as part of their open lecture series to working on the development of individual students work within a tutorial situation.

Current Education posts.
I am currently Course Tutor at University of the Arts London Camberwell working on the MA in Book Art and Senior Lecturer on the Textiles BA at Norwich University College of the Arts.

The fee for a day’s work is £200.00 excluding materials and travel.
If you are interested in working with me please contact through email –